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Even if yesterday you were a hero of a day, today’s problems can change everything. Sometimes you just can’t run further in everydays life. You’re not alone. We know it better than we should. Start here and overcome a series of obstacles to achieve YOUR goal. Up from here, make the world a better place for you. Fight the weakness, fight your problems, find the way, get better! vr games built for real people

SICK OF today?
yeah, we know
how it is…

World doesn’t seem to be alright these days. Bad habits – all those advertisements that make you buy another bag of shitty foods, binge watch another season of the latest series on Netflix… Cans of beer, bottles of wine, fast foods, weight gain, all those covid-related diseases, social media that consumes your time and energy, jobs that aren’t fine anymore.. Sounds familiar?

What if we told you there is a simple way out?

Well, we won’t! There are no simple answers for such deep nested problems. However, we found the solution that worked for us, and it’s our time to share the idea to help others! And yes, it might help you as well!

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that will help you
fight bad habits,
anywhere and anytime

The thought of going to the gym on a rainy day just doesn’t sound exciting, isn’t it? Bad weather, tired from work, there are always endless excuses. So what if we told you there is a better choice for you, a choice that can make exercise fun and easier?

FEEL the energy
that changes

With the Oculus Quest 2 being sold at $299, you can now enjoy the immersive experience that VR technology provided at an affordable price! It’s now widely used for fitness purposes as most VR games allow players to exercise by accident!


THE ARCHER – Neytiri from Avatar. Katniss from Hunger Games. Hawkeye from Avengers. Legolas from The Hobbit. These fictional characters all stand for something they believe in. This is why we would like to make Archery the core action for our game. Are you someone who is a fan of Archery as well?


oh man…

Game: Beat Saber | Developer: Beat Saber | Song: Jaroslav Beck Escape

Meet our co-founder, Alex!
This is HER story.

It all started with a story of our co-founder losing 12kgs effortlessly by playing VR games! Suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and childhood trauma, she has been dealing with the problem of binge eating disorder and depression her whole life.

While covid got her stranded in Poland during her travel. Under a special circumstance, she got offered a job opportunity in the VR field. She immediately got hooked by the immersive experience when she tried Beat Saber the first time.

Simply by playing VR games has helped her to improve the symptoms of ADD, physical and mental health conditions. However, being someone who is sensitive with motion sickness, she is not able to find a better game that can provide a better experience than Beat Saber.

After becoming part of the friendly Beat Saber community, she was now inspired to develop a fun VR game to help others stay physically active!

her story

Finally… No more torturing workout 😛 Just playing VR games and having fun! Most importantly, as someone who travels a lot, I can now bring an Oculus Quest 2 with me and play it anywhere, anytime.

We need you
and your HELP

we are not only DEVELOPING the GAME
we also build a real people based community

We’re convinced that VR is a great technology that can help people to stay physically active that leads to the improvement of physical and mental health conditions. It’s proven that it works! If you believe the same like we do, we need your support. Right now it’s still just an idea, we need your help to bring the idea to life!

we believe the game is
the best

for all those who want to
Be Physically Healthy
Lose Weight
improve Mental Health
have fun
But most of all, This VR game is for those who want to imrove their lives.

We believe that even if not you, but someone close to you has problems with physical or mental health. It would be a great idea to take part in building a community that helps each other. We believe health is wealth, and we’re committed to make exercise fun and easier for everyone.

our why

who we are?

We are eMotions Games, a new indie game studio based in Bydgoszcz, Poland. In eMotionsGames, we believe health is wealth. We’re committed to developing VR games that can have a positive impact towards others’ lives. And we’re looking for similar minded talent to join our team to help us to bring our idea to life. If you’re someone who likes Beat Saber, Archery, Virtual Reality or Rhythm Game, feel free to reach out to us!

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